Benefits of HAMA Membership

  1. 1. Leadership Networking: HAMA has 300+ members from various organizations in the Greater Hanvoer Area. The membership consists of executives, managers, professionals, supervisors and leaders and trainees. Our incoming President, Corie Hann, from Clarks Companies, will help you get acquainted. Learn from each other. We also have opportunities for sponsorship of our events to showcase your organizations products or services.

  2. 2. Educational events that focus on development of leadership skills and management issues. Events are held from September through May, alternating between breakfast, lunch and dinner. Speakers are authorities in their field and address timely issues. These speakers address labor issues, customer service, communication skills, and team building skills as well as general business knowledge. Past speakers include-Gene Krantz, Apollo 13; Jonah Goldberg, syndicated columnist; Sgt. Matt Eversmann, famous for 'Black Hawk Down"; Winston Scott, former NASA astronaut, Joe Clark, Margaret Morford and Ken Schmidt motivational speakers; Chris Whitcomb, Retired FBI agent following the Cole bombing, and Iraq inspections; and Joe Paterno, Chuck Thompson, Bill Ripken and Jennifer Thompson for inspiration.

  3. 3. Management Certificate Programs: An outstanding educational certificate program that provides the opportunity for managers to receive a "quality" education that is local and "immediately" useful. We offer a Basic Supervisory Course; Advanced Supervision offering teamwork and problem solving; The Leadership Workshop to give leaders effective business strategies to achieve organizational goals. "Confronting the Difficult Employee Issues" which covers negativity, performance evaluations, conflict resolution, drug and alcohol, and managing change. Over 100 members graduated from these classes this year. Check out our newest class: Developing the Leader Within You, which will utilize John C. Maxwell's leadership classic in which he shows leaders how to develop the vision, value, influence and motivation required of successful leaders. Reduced fees for members include books/materials and tuition. See flyers for details and deadlines.

  4. 4. Seminars: Local seminars on practical management issues are offered at up to 50% discount. Topics have included Dealing with substance Abuse, Managing Employee Absenteeism, Understanding Generational Issues, Dealing with Labor Issues and The Memory Guy.

  5. 5. Picnic: Everyone needs a little fun and great food. It's a great time to network and learn from each other.

  6. 6. Economical: We guarantee the benefits will out weigh the modest cost of $45.00 dues per year per person fee. Event fees are moderate and payable only when you make reservations. You can't beat the fees, quality and local setting.

  7. 7. Memberships are individual and are not transferable. You may invite guests, but please secure membership if they wish to attend for the membership fees. We are able to keep our fees low due to the volume of our membership. Membership fees underwrite many of our speakers and seminars. Complete a membership application now to be part of this professional organization dedicated to increasing leadership skills.

Our membership year begins July 1 and runs through June 30. For more information, please contact Lisa Moore, HAMA Executive Director at 717-632-1748 or email at alesiareese@comcast.net.