Strategic Plan

I. Strategy Formulation

Vision Statement

To be the premier membership association for greater Hanover area organizations to provide quality, tactical, and cost effective leadership development opportunities.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve current and potential identified leaders of organizations in the greater Hanover area by offering leadership educational opportunities such as keynote speakers, seminars, certified management programs, and networking experiences to enhance members’ management capabilities and effectiveness. We are dedicated to listening to our members needs and providing quality, tactical, and cost effective services.


  • • Services designed to enhance capability of leaders
  • • Understanding of member needs
  • • Focus on "value added" benefits
  • • Keep niche market and develop partnerships for additional services
  • • Highest standards of ethical/behavorial conduct for Board of Directors and members
  • • Maintain fiscal soundness of association
  • • Operate within the guidelines of a non-profit organization

II. Strategy Development


  • • Paid quality speakers
  • • Dedicated Board Members
  • • New Oxford Social Club for use of picnic
  • • Low cost meals for dinner
  • • Established certificate program
  • • Quality volunteer instructors
  • • Established support of core organizations
  • • Sound Financials
  • • Organizations donate resources for programs and events>/

Long-Term Strategies

  • • Reach out to younger members
  • • Encourage more interaction in membership
  • • Become more technical administratively
  • • Increase mentoring opportunities with top managers
  • • Evaludate current and implement new programs and events that meet member needs
  • • Increase brand awareness to be the premier association that organizations/members seek to join

III. Strategy Implementation

Short-Term Objectives and action plans

  • • Develop professional literature/set up website/web advertising and links
  • • Encourage member engagement - Provide lists for class attendance, name tags at programss, establish more networking/volunteer opportunities
  • • Set up membership committee to establish awareness of association and increase membership
  • • Set up opportunities for partnerships and sponsorships of events
  • • Evaluate programs/events for effectiveness-increase feedback from members through email contact and personal contact. Set up tracking system
  • • Gain input from corporate leaders for value added programs and events
  • • Encourage member attendance at meetings by balancing day and evening events
  • • Engage quality speakers with timely topics for meetings and seminars

IV. Strategy Evaluation

Mid-year (January) and End of Year (June)

  • • Review Strategies
  • • Measure Performance
  • • Evaluate Finances
  • • Take Corrective Action