The Need for Employees

Keeping American strong depends on a strong economy. The greatest impact on our economy is the skill and productivity of the employees. Study after study has shown that the greatest impact on the worker is his immediate supervisor.

The Hanover Area Management Association is dedicated to honing the knowledge and skills of managers so they in turn can keep America productive and competitive. HAMA is a non-profit organization that relies on volunteers. Unlike other organizations, we do not have high paid administrators. Our dues and event fees are used to further the mission of "Leadership through Education."

To complete our mission, we need volunteers for our events and committees. We are understanding of your time and we break volunteer duties down to even 1-2 hour commitments. Volunteers make a difference by contributing their time, energy, and talents to the causes of the Hanover Area Management Association.

  • • You make a difference to what events HAMA can offer
  • • You make a difference in the leadership abilities of others
  • • You made a difference in your own leadership growth.

Look over the opportunities for volunteerism. Please check the Committees or Activities that you are interested in volunteering to help advance the HAMA organization. Please check as many as apply to your time and interest. If you have any questions, please call Lisa Moore at 717-633-8422, or email alesiareese@comcast.net. We look forward to working with you.

Volunteer Opportunities

Education Classes Committee – Meets 1-2 times to plan course offerings, meet with class attendees to encourage participation in other events, helps assemble and distribution of certificates.

Membership Committee – Meets 1-2 times to suggest ways of reaching non members, makes contact to increase membership and participation at events.

Scholarship Committee – Meets 1-2 times to plan essay topic and choose essay winner.

Picnic Committee – Meets 1-2 times to plan picnic and also to help on day of picnic.

Public Relations – Ensures publicity for HAMA and its events.

Nominating Committee – 1-2 times in February to set a slate of officers to be voted on by the membership.

Strategic Committee – Meets once a year to brainstorm new/ revised action plans for HAMA sustainability.

Website Coordinator – Ensures that the website is updated and works with webmaster to keep site interesting for members.

Greeter for Events – Greets members and registers them for events.