2019 Spring Class Offerings

Business Writing Workshop

The need for effective business writing has never been greater! With today’s rising number of communication channels – social media, instant messaging, texting emails – we are writing more than ever! What we say and how we say it can dramatically affect our careers and the success of the organizations in which we work.

Business writing is a learned skill based on fundamentals of principles of communication. We will review the techniques, tools and exercises in 10 Steps to Successful Business Writing. This class will be a short, practical guide with the most important steps for taking your writing to the next level. Say it as simply as possible so the reader understands and takes the desired action. This is the essence of business writing and a core concept we will discuss.

The class is designed for people with different levels of writing proficiency, ranging from those looking to polish their superior text to those who struggle to find the words. Please bring writing samples to class if you would like to share, build up, revise, etc. Each participant will receive a copy of the book 10 Steps of Successful Business Writing as a reference guide to use beyond the class.

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Getting to the HRart of Communication

Known as the heart of our interactions, communication is the act of transferring information from one to another. It can be the heart of your success or the heart of your failure. Communication is a means of connecting people or places yet failing to communicate effectively in the workplace can be an all too common occurrence. This workshop will focus on the foundational skills and barriers of effective communication.

  • Part 1 - Regular rhythm - Basic skills we all should know
  • Part 2 - Is it me? Is it you? Or could it be us? – Understanding the different communication styles
  • Part 3 - Looking in the mirror - Leveraging strengths and Balancing blinds spots
  • Part 4 - Increasing your Heart - Having Difficult Conversations with Heart

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Supervisory Development

This program is designed for those who have recently been promoted to a leadership role, or someone seeking further advancement. In today’s business environment, every supervisor must assume more responsibility and knowledge to increase productivity and keep their organization competitive. The program will touch on topics like communication, motivation, and delegation.

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