2022 Class Offerings

Falling in love with the Process vs. Outcomes

We all tend to be “outcome” oriented – which makes sense, as that is how we are measured at work, at home etc. However, it is our “process” that influences outcomes. We don’t always put the focus on our process and the journey, when that’s all we really got! This class will be an open discussion about this concept and how to develop and incorporate it more holistically into your life.

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Tips for Courageous Conversations for Difficult Situations

No matter how competent you are in employee relations, we all face difficult situations that cause us anxiety and frustration. Whether it is addressing employee performance, a difficult co-worker, or being out of step with your manager, these tips will help you deal with situations successfully. You may also be able to use this knowledge for interpersonal relationships with your spouse, children, parents, in-laws, friends or neighbors. Get to the heart of the matter without triggering defensiveness or letting emotions get out of hand.
• Learn how your hot buttons are pushed.
• When to intervene – When to let it go.
• Words that trigger defensiveness.
• Getting them to talk rather than shut down.
• Keeping it legal in the work place.
• Manage up – Difficult conversations with the Boss.

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Elevate Leadership Communication, Teamwork, and Results

Everyone you encounter is motivated differently, communicates differently, and views tasks and relationships differently. What if you could tap into your (and your teams) greatest motivations and dramatically improve your relationships and accelerate your results?
• Leaders at every level can benefit from powerful behavioral insights gained.
• Learn how to apply DISC to manage, motivate, and increase employee engagement.
• Reveal your strengths, your behavior under stress, and discover new ways to inspire and drive your team.
• Receive actionable and practical insights you can use immediately with your staff.

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